Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pregame Show

Thursday night before the wedding, we had a great family cookout. All the family met one another. We had it in the Colovos's backyard -- Kristen's parents house. Their backyard is sooo beautiful. We had all the Taylor family present, the Colovos family, the Tucker family, the Elizondo family, Tom Bailey (my brother) and Susan, Mark Bailey (my nephew) and Robyn and Isaac, Bob and Bonnie Taylor, Verl and Connie Taylor, Grandma (Ione) Taylor, Dion Bethea and some of the Elizondo aunts, uncles, and Lydia's former roommate. We had a great time meeting one another and enjoying family the night before the big day!!!

Tina and baby Natalie -- she was born on April 2, 2009
Doug with his sister-in-law Tina and niece Natalie
Carlos Elizondo (Lydia's father)
Elizabeth Elizondo (Lydia's mother)
Verl and Grandma Taylor
Tom and Susan Bailey
Pat Tucker, Austin Taylor
Kristen Taylor (she's so sick), Christina and Natalie
Gus Colovos cooking the hamburgers
Robyn Bailey and Isaac
Chris Taylor and Dion Bethea

Gary Taylor, James Colovos, Bob Taylor, Bonnie Taylor, Verl Taylor and Connie Taylor (clockwise, left to right)
Cassandra Elizondo (Lydia's sister), Carlos Elizondo (Lydia's father) and Lydia's former roommate
Doug, Lydia's uncle, and Lydia's Grandparents

Melissa and Katie Taylor
Cassandra Elizondo (Lydia's sister)Our "adopted" son Dion -- he has grown up with us since he was 5 years old. We love him like our own.

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