Friday, June 19, 2009

Chris and soccer

Ryan LOVES soccer
This is his "cheese" -- it's so cute
Chris cooling off during halftime
Chris and his friend "Maddy" playing soccer. She is soo good with him. Her dad Max plays on the team and they have been "friends" for a long time.
Maddy and Ryan
Ain't I cute?
Chris in the game -- unfortunately he was on the other end of the field.
I'm tired!!!
I love my Daddy!!
Daddy and me!!
I'm coy!!!
and I'm cute!!!

Chris loves soccer and is on a soccer team every year. We go and watch him play sometimes. It is actually more fun watching Ryan!!! He's 19 months old now and is a hoot.

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Bogner's said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog for the Verve Anniversary Blog Hop. I hope you enjoyed the hop! I have only been using Verve for about 6 months ( roughly ) and just love their stamps!
Your family is beautiful!