Monday, July 6, 2009

We went to Provo for the Stadium of Fire on July 4th. So fun!!!

We got tickets through Glenn Beck's website to go to Stadium of Fire on July 4th in Provo, Utah. It was the most spectacular 4th of July fireworks display that I have EVER seen. Glenn Beck was the MC and SheDaisy and the Jonas Brothers performed. They had a GREAT pageant on the floor of the stadium with kids from all over the state -- it was amazing. Chris, Kristen, Gary and I drove up to Provo and met with Missy and her friend Krystal to go to the extravaganza. Kristen was about 7 months pregnant at the time, but she did well. Chris and Kristen flew home, but Gary and I stayed with Missy for a few more days and had a great time.

The pageant.
The huge flag that was flown for one and only one time, and then burned on the field at the end of the pageant since it was being "retired" -- this flag was used by the band and others on the field -- held up by many.
Kristen and Missy

The pageant after sundown
Chris and Kristen
Gary and me -- tired but happy
Amazing fireworks!!
So beautiful!!