Saturday, September 26, 2009

Building a Firetruck

Grandpa, Chris and Ryan went to Lowe's for a special day -- a workshop for Ryan and Grandpa to build a FIRETRUCK. It was special for both as they both LOVE firetrucks -- as you know, Grandpa had his own REAL firetruck for awhile. He was so sad to have to sell it!!!


Kristen with the help of Lydia (who did most of the decorating) made this cake for Ryan -- it was soo cute and they did such a great job!
Blow them out Ryan!!!!

The party favors -- Kristen, Lydia and I made the paper trains and Kathy Colovos made the cute little lifesaver trains.
Ryan is LOVING his new Spiderman blanket -- he loves Spiderman right now!!!

Chris and Ryan opening presents.
Ryan with his new bike!!!! that Uncle Doug and Aunt Lydia gave him!

Keegan and Madison Monnheimer catching the football during play time with Doug.

Catch it!!! Kind of hard with your eyes closed!!!

The Monnheimer's -- Max, Kelli, Madison and Keegan.

Ryan being silly.
Ryan loved his new airplane.
Kelli Monnheimer and Reagann. Kelli and Max have been Chris and Kristen's and my friends for years -- Max and Chris were roommates at one time. They met when both were working for Voice Stream -- now T-Mobile.
Yaya and Reagann. How sweet.
Gus and Kathy Colovos -- Kristen's parents and Ryan's other grandparents!

Doug and Gary enjoying each other!!

Ryan's birthday party was supposed to be on Saturday, Sept 19 -- but unfortunately there was a problem -- Reagann decided to come on that day!!! So, his birthday was postponed until the next Saturday - September 25. We all had a great time. Kristen put on such a beautiful party with her awesome cake and party favors. Ryan is into Spiderman big time right now and got lots of Spiderman stuff. He was so excited. He turned 2.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Nieces Came to Visit -- so fun!!!

Marisa, Lisa and Grandma Taylor -- Lisa and Marisa are Gary's brother Verl's daughters. I haven't seen Marisa in at least 30 years -- it was so great to see her. Lisa is a firewoman -- the captain of her unit -- in Mesa, Arizona. Marisa had just run a marathon the previous week and was going to run another 2 weeks later!!! They spent a lot of time walking, training, etc. while here. We enjoyed them and they enjoyed being with Grandma.

Marisa and Lisa -- Marisa lives in Utah with her husband and kids.

Marisa and baby Reagann -- Reagann wasn't having anything to do with this!!!

Grandma and Reagann -- how sweet.

Kristen and Ryan -- what a loving picture.

Gary and Reagann -- doesn't she look comfortable!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We finally get to see Reagann.

Grandma and baby Reagann -- our first time to see her.

Grandpa and baby Reagann -- isn't she sweet.

Baby Reagann -- what a beautiful baby.

Soo sad!!!

I'm happy.

Ryan as Spiderman!!!
Ryan LOVES Spiderman -- this is his Halloween costume -- if it makes it to Halloween!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Reagann Bailey Taylor -- born September 19, 2009. Unfortunately, we weren't there. We were in Utah for Missy's birthday which is September 20. Her brother Ryan's birthday is September 18. Busy month of September!!!
Kristen and Reagann
Chris and Reagann
Chris and Kristen and Reagann
Ryan and Reagann

Little baby Reagann.

On Tuesday, the 15th of September, Kristen came over to my house for our weekly girl's out stamping day. She came in feeling horrible and we decided that she was having contractions. We started timing them and they were every 2 1/2 minutes -- very regular. So, I panicked and took her straight to the hospital. While there, we waited and then walked and then, they checked her again and said that she wasn't progressing -- after 4 hours of every 2 1/2 minutes of contractions. Well, then she stopped. So, we talked to the doctor and he told her that if she didn't come before, he would induce her on Sept 22. When Ryan was born, she was late and was induced and we figured that it would be that way again.

It was Missy's birthday that week. She was a little homesick so we went up to Utah to visit her for her birthday. We went to the Utah State Fair and had a great time. Unfortunately, or for Kristen fortunately, we were not there when she went into labor. Whah!!! And... we were going to California to pick up another -- yes another -- gas pump. We would be home on Monday, and she was to deliver on Tuesday. Oh... the I wished it had worked. So, we left Utah on Sunday, drove to Oakland California, picked up the pump, and drove on to Fresno -- yes, in one day. We left Fresno on Monday morning and drove all the way home in order to see the baby. Each day was about 17 hours!!! But -- we made it and we were soo glad to see our 6th grandchild.

Friday, September 18, 2009


After Austin's baptism, we drove through Kentucky to pick up an antique gas pump that Gary bought. Gary has started collecting antique gas pumps -- we have two in our play room right now!!! This one is called a "Mae West" pump because of its curves! It is a very collectible pump. Gary is going to restore this pump and a couple of others that he has. We had a great time going through Kentucky -- it is sooo pretty. Then we went through Oklahoma to see an old farmer with another pump (we did not buy it) -- getting lost getting to his farm and ended up going through an animal refuge. We also got to go to the Oklahoma City federal building memorial -- very humbling and spiritual. It was beautifully done. We had a great trip -- starting out with Austin's baptism and coming home through beautiful country.

On the way to Gravel Switch, Kentucky to get the gas pump. So pretty there.
Gary and the gas pump he bought.

The Perry Store -- the old continuous running store in the US -- near Gravel Switch, Kentucky
Plague on the store explaining history
The store was full of dogs and cats -- was not open at the time, but it was so picturesque. Unfortunately, Gary locked the keys in the car and he and the guy from whom we bought the pump managed to break into the truck through the back sliding doors. While they did that, I enjoyed taking pictures of the animals and surroundings. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of them trying to crawl through the window -- now that was a picture. Wish I had gotten it!!
There were golden retriever puppies there who were soooo cute. They were so playful -- biting my toes, chasing me, it was fun. I really wanted to take one home.
Here are the puppies.
This is an outhouse that was built more recently. When it was built, they had a big party -- with big name country western singers here. They started an "outhouse racing" contest where the contestants bring their outhouses. One person has to be in the outhouse -- the others push it down the road to the finish line. It must be quite a funny thing.
This is the road for the outhouse race.
A lake in Arkansas -- we had a flat tire and this is where we pulled over to fix it. It was really pretty so, of course, I had to take pictures.
Poor Gary changing the tire!
Next we went to Oklahoma City to the former Alfred R. Murrah Federal Building -- now plaza. It is the memorial for the people who were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing. It was very sad, and spiritual.
Gary looking across the reflecting pond.
These "chairs" represent each person killed in the bombing.
The time 9:03 is recorded for history.
The statue "And Jesus Wept" is very appropriate and inspiring.

After we left Oklahoma City, we headed to the an old farmers house to see another gas pump. When we got lost, we ended up in an animal refuge and these buffaloes were on the way.
This Longhorn was standing right on the side of the road.

Gary and the old farmer looking at his "Mae West" pump -- which was overpriced, so we didn't get it.
The farmer's barn and signs.
Just outside of Amarillo, we came across "Mader"
This was Magnolia Station outside Amarillo, which was been renovated back to the original.