Saturday, September 19, 2009


Reagann Bailey Taylor -- born September 19, 2009. Unfortunately, we weren't there. We were in Utah for Missy's birthday which is September 20. Her brother Ryan's birthday is September 18. Busy month of September!!!
Kristen and Reagann
Chris and Reagann
Chris and Kristen and Reagann
Ryan and Reagann

Little baby Reagann.

On Tuesday, the 15th of September, Kristen came over to my house for our weekly girl's out stamping day. She came in feeling horrible and we decided that she was having contractions. We started timing them and they were every 2 1/2 minutes -- very regular. So, I panicked and took her straight to the hospital. While there, we waited and then walked and then, they checked her again and said that she wasn't progressing -- after 4 hours of every 2 1/2 minutes of contractions. Well, then she stopped. So, we talked to the doctor and he told her that if she didn't come before, he would induce her on Sept 22. When Ryan was born, she was late and was induced and we figured that it would be that way again.

It was Missy's birthday that week. She was a little homesick so we went up to Utah to visit her for her birthday. We went to the Utah State Fair and had a great time. Unfortunately, or for Kristen fortunately, we were not there when she went into labor. Whah!!! And... we were going to California to pick up another -- yes another -- gas pump. We would be home on Monday, and she was to deliver on Tuesday. Oh... the I wished it had worked. So, we left Utah on Sunday, drove to Oakland California, picked up the pump, and drove on to Fresno -- yes, in one day. We left Fresno on Monday morning and drove all the way home in order to see the baby. Each day was about 17 hours!!! But -- we made it and we were soo glad to see our 6th grandchild.

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