Saturday, September 26, 2009


Kristen with the help of Lydia (who did most of the decorating) made this cake for Ryan -- it was soo cute and they did such a great job!
Blow them out Ryan!!!!

The party favors -- Kristen, Lydia and I made the paper trains and Kathy Colovos made the cute little lifesaver trains.
Ryan is LOVING his new Spiderman blanket -- he loves Spiderman right now!!!

Chris and Ryan opening presents.
Ryan with his new bike!!!! that Uncle Doug and Aunt Lydia gave him!

Keegan and Madison Monnheimer catching the football during play time with Doug.

Catch it!!! Kind of hard with your eyes closed!!!

The Monnheimer's -- Max, Kelli, Madison and Keegan.

Ryan being silly.
Ryan loved his new airplane.
Kelli Monnheimer and Reagann. Kelli and Max have been Chris and Kristen's and my friends for years -- Max and Chris were roommates at one time. They met when both were working for Voice Stream -- now T-Mobile.
Yaya and Reagann. How sweet.
Gus and Kathy Colovos -- Kristen's parents and Ryan's other grandparents!

Doug and Gary enjoying each other!!

Ryan's birthday party was supposed to be on Saturday, Sept 19 -- but unfortunately there was a problem -- Reagann decided to come on that day!!! So, his birthday was postponed until the next Saturday - September 25. We all had a great time. Kristen put on such a beautiful party with her awesome cake and party favors. Ryan is into Spiderman big time right now and got lots of Spiderman stuff. He was so excited. He turned 2.

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