Friday, September 25, 2009

My Nieces Came to Visit -- so fun!!!

Marisa, Lisa and Grandma Taylor -- Lisa and Marisa are Gary's brother Verl's daughters. I haven't seen Marisa in at least 30 years -- it was so great to see her. Lisa is a firewoman -- the captain of her unit -- in Mesa, Arizona. Marisa had just run a marathon the previous week and was going to run another 2 weeks later!!! They spent a lot of time walking, training, etc. while here. We enjoyed them and they enjoyed being with Grandma.

Marisa and Lisa -- Marisa lives in Utah with her husband and kids.

Marisa and baby Reagann -- Reagann wasn't having anything to do with this!!!

Grandma and Reagann -- how sweet.

Kristen and Ryan -- what a loving picture.

Gary and Reagann -- doesn't she look comfortable!!

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