Monday, December 15, 2008

Maybe I'll fill you in on some of the rest of the year also.

Before my wonderful 58th birthday, we traveled quite a bit. We spent Halloween in Fairfax, Virginia with our oldest son Lewis, his wife Tina and 3 wonderful grandchildren, Ashley (9), Austin (7) and Katie (who turned 5 just a few days ago on my birthday Dec 12 -- it's her birthday also!) Ashley is the scary witch, Austin is the awesome Indiana Jones and Katie is such a cute little mermaid. We had a great time at the Halloween carnival. And, of course, since it was fall, we needed the obligatory fall pictures (the trees were sooo beautiful!)

It's Been a Long Time Since I posted!!! So, here we go!

Dec 12 was my 58th birthday. How could I be so old? It was my ward's Christmas party that day, so I assumed that everybody there was celebrating my birthday. Was I wrong? It was a fun party and a fun day. My friend Carol took me to breakfast (Jan Maxwell was supposed to also come but was sick), and then I went to work for my son Chris at his homebuilding business, mailed packages to Lewis and Tina and kids, made creamy potatoes for the dinner and then went to my big Ward Christmas Evalee Taylor birthday party!! Great meal -- ham, turkey, potatoes, all kinds of salads, green beans and of course, pumpkin pie. What a nice birthday!! At the party, Gary and I took a picture for our Christmas card. There we are, fat, happy and old!!!