Monday, April 5, 2010


These are just some pics of my beautiful grandkids (and some of their parents). All of the pictures of Lewis's beautiful kids and family were taken by my very talented daughter in law Christina -- she should be a professional photographer!!! I will be posting some others of Chris's kids soon -- these are a little old, but still cute. They are all so precious and the light of my life!!! I am so very blessed!

Chris, Kristen and Ryan at the zoo.

Ryan and his mommy -- 2 years old.

Ryan LOVES Spiderman -- this was his halloween costume, but Kristen had to buy another because he wore out the first!!!

Ryan being Spiderman.

Reagann -- this is a picture I took recently. She is so cute and Kristen LOVES to dress her. She is the best dressed little girl in America (and one of the cutest!!) She was about 5 months.

Kristen made this cute little tutu for Reagann -- what a cute picture!!! She was about 4 months.

Reagann -- about 3 months.

Cool Hand Ryan -- I am sooooo cool (and so cute!)

Lewis,Tina and family (Ashley, Austin, Katie and baby Natalie)

Easter 2010 -- Katie (6), Ashley (10), Natalie (just 1), Austin (8) -- how I love them!!

Big sister Ashley with Natalie. She'll be a great mom!!!

Ashley (10) at Easter, 2010

Austin (8) at Easter 2010

Katie (6) at Easter 2010

GQ Austin -- how handsome!!!
I love this picture of Natalie. Christina could make a killing taking pictures like these!!!

The huge snow storm in DC -- the kids eating snow?? They had a ball.

Austin with a snowball maker!!! Is he making his cheeks into a snowball?

Ashley -- in the snow. Isn't she beautiful?

Katie is sooo photogenic. She is such a fun girl -- so full of life.

Natalie is the cutest kid -- and her mother knows how to photograph her. Wow -- love it!!!

March 31, 2010 We went to Salt Lake City to see Michael Buble!!

My adopted son (not really) Justin Ray (my oldest son's best friend since they were little) is a trumpeter in Michael Buble's band. We are so fortunate (and spoiled) that he gets us tickets at different venues where they are playing. This is my 3rd time to see the show and this show is by far the BEST!!! I drove up to Salt Lake City when Justin let Missy know that he had 4 tickets for us. We saw Justin right before the show (they left too quickly after the show to get to Portland) and he looked good. He got us tickets 10 rows back in the middle on the aisle. Can't do much better than that -- and they were free!!! I am spoiled!!!! I love Justin!!!

Missy, Missy's friend Krystal, and Justin
Justin and his "other mom" Evalee
The warm up -- Naturally Seven -- were a "vocal" band -- no instruments, but you sure couldn't tell. One guy sounded like the drums, another the bass, another the strings, another the brass -- it was amazing. They are really good.

Michael Buble on his AMAZING set.
He has such a smooth voice.

Justin playing the trumpet -- top, far right -- I really go just to see Justin, but I like Buble too!!!

His set was soo cool -- this is one thing that they did on the set -- live pictures right above him like this. It was really cool.

Another image from the set -- how they had Buble on the big screen behind him.

Michael Buble and his band -- see Justin on the top, far right!!!

Oh -- did I say that Justin was one of Buble's trumpeters??? Here he is!!!

The whole show was amazing -- what a production. Is was AWESOME!!!

At the end, they dropped confetti all over. It was cool. Of course, they came back for an encore after that!!!

Christmas 2009

We were sooo lucky to have all our family together for Christmas this year. Lewis, Tina and family came from Washington DC and Missy came home from Utah. It was a wonderful Christmas season!! We enjoyed it immensely!!!

Ashley loves her sister Katie. Isn't that the sweetest picture?

Ashley got lots of clothes for her American Girl dolls, which she shared with Katie. Ashley gave Katie her "old" American girl doll since she got a new one for Christmas!!!

Doug and Ryan and with Austin looking on.

Lewis and his girl Katie. She loves her Daddy.

Ryan got a DOG for Christmas. His name is Bristol and Ryan loves him.

Missy made all of Lewis's family and me Christmas ornaments that we so beautiful!!!

Oh so fun!!!!
Kristen and Chris made Doug and Lydia a book of their wedding pictures. What a treasure.

Lewis and Tina's beautiful kids -- my gorgeous grandchildren. Ashley, Natalie, Austin and Katie

Sugar cookies are just part of Christmas. So fun to decorate and EAT!!!

Ryan and Reagann had a great time making cookies.

Ryan and Reagann (Chris's kids) with Santa Claus.