Monday, April 5, 2010

March 31, 2010 We went to Salt Lake City to see Michael Buble!!

My adopted son (not really) Justin Ray (my oldest son's best friend since they were little) is a trumpeter in Michael Buble's band. We are so fortunate (and spoiled) that he gets us tickets at different venues where they are playing. This is my 3rd time to see the show and this show is by far the BEST!!! I drove up to Salt Lake City when Justin let Missy know that he had 4 tickets for us. We saw Justin right before the show (they left too quickly after the show to get to Portland) and he looked good. He got us tickets 10 rows back in the middle on the aisle. Can't do much better than that -- and they were free!!! I am spoiled!!!! I love Justin!!!

Missy, Missy's friend Krystal, and Justin
Justin and his "other mom" Evalee
The warm up -- Naturally Seven -- were a "vocal" band -- no instruments, but you sure couldn't tell. One guy sounded like the drums, another the bass, another the strings, another the brass -- it was amazing. They are really good.

Michael Buble on his AMAZING set.
He has such a smooth voice.

Justin playing the trumpet -- top, far right -- I really go just to see Justin, but I like Buble too!!!

His set was soo cool -- this is one thing that they did on the set -- live pictures right above him like this. It was really cool.

Another image from the set -- how they had Buble on the big screen behind him.

Michael Buble and his band -- see Justin on the top, far right!!!

Oh -- did I say that Justin was one of Buble's trumpeters??? Here he is!!!

The whole show was amazing -- what a production. Is was AWESOME!!!

At the end, they dropped confetti all over. It was cool. Of course, they came back for an encore after that!!!

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