Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FAMILY PICTURES -- taken June 22, 2009

After Doug got married and we had all the family together, we had Pam Christison take our family pictures. She is such a great photographer. Kristen found her through a friend -- she is a member of our church and an up and coming photographer. We loved all the pictures -- these are just a few of the best.

The family -- Chris, Kristen and Ryan on the far left, Lewis, Christina, Natalie, Ashley, Austin and Katie on the mid left, Gary and Me in the middle, Missy next to me, Lydia and Doug on the right. Kristen was pregnant with little Reagann.

The Lewis Taylor family -- Lewis, Christina, Ashley (9), Austin (7), Katie (5), Natalie (2 1/2 months)

Chris, Kristen and Ryan -- wow, what a great looking family (and I'm not prejudiced)

The newlyweds, Doug and Lydia -- so cute and so happy

Beautiful Missy - she is so awesome.

The old parents: Gary and Evalee

The Gary Taylor kids: Lewis, Chris, Doug and Melissa

Aren't they good looking? Tina and Lewis Taylor

My grandkids: Ryan, Katie, Ashley holding Natalie, and Austin

Wow -- what a picture. This is 2 1/2 month old Natalie!!! Such a beauty!!!

Katie -- what a firecracker, what a personality -- what a sweetie. She just loves to tell jokes with Grandpa!!!

Ashley -- growing up too fast -- going into 5th grade!!!! She is my honey!!

The girls are going to go wild over Austin -- he's so handsome and so fun. A Great Kid!!! Love him so much.

Ryan -- talk about another firecracker. So much personality -- so fun. He is such a crack up. Love him so much. He's 1 3/4 here.

Another cute one of Ryan -- couldn't leave this picture out. I love how he says "cheese".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Natalie Blessing in June, 2009

When Lewis and Tina came for Doug's wedding, we also blessed Natalie at church. She looked so pretty in her little white dress. These are some great pictures taken of the kids while they were here.

Isn't she the cutest little girl? So happy, so good. Her daddy blessed her with a great life, with a temple marriage, with spiritual strength.
So cute.
So cute!!!

Daddy and his little girl Natalie.

How he loves this little girl!!!

A picture taken to put in a group picture for Grandpa for Father's Day. 4 pictures were taken with the letters P A P A and then put in a frame with 4 slots for pictures. It was awesome!!!

Austin and Ryan -- the grandsons!!!


Their Tucker grandparents took them fishing -- they had a GREAT time -- this is a picture from that outing.

This picture was taken by her mama -- but so typically Katie -- she is such a crack up!!!

So Katie!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Chris and soccer

Ryan LOVES soccer
This is his "cheese" -- it's so cute
Chris cooling off during halftime
Chris and his friend "Maddy" playing soccer. She is soo good with him. Her dad Max plays on the team and they have been "friends" for a long time.
Maddy and Ryan
Ain't I cute?
Chris in the game -- unfortunately he was on the other end of the field.
I'm tired!!!
I love my Daddy!!
Daddy and me!!
I'm coy!!!
and I'm cute!!!

Chris loves soccer and is on a soccer team every year. We go and watch him play sometimes. It is actually more fun watching Ryan!!! He's 19 months old now and is a hoot.

The Reveal

Just beginning!! Doug, Lydia, Carlos and Elizabeth (Lydia's parents)
Lydia, Carlos and Elizabeth Elizondo and Lydia's sister Emma
Chris and Lewis and Tina's 4th -- Natalie
Making the list -- Tina Taylor and Richard (Lydia's brother)
Doug and Lydia with Nick and Karen Schutz's beautiful gift of a Nambe serving set. Wow!!
Carleen Melton made them this beautiful quilt wall hanging with their names and sealing dates embroidered on. It was gorgeous!!!
Look at all the stuff!!!
A gift from Lydia's aunt -- a painting painted by her aunt and a beautiful full size quilt made by her aunt!!!
Typical Lewis -- with his cutee daughter Natalie

Wednesday night after they returned from their honeymoon, Doug and Lydia opened their presents. It was fun and what a blessing it was for the newlyweds. We all certainly have wonderful and generous friends who helped out this awesome couple. We had both families present, and had pizza and barbeque before opening the presents. It was fun having everyone together another time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

An afternoon with the Kids

We don't get to spend much time with Lewis's kids since they live in Fairfax, Virginia. Lewis is in the Air Force stationed in Arlington, Virginia. They will be there a few more years. So -- after the wedding, the kids spent the night and the next day we went to Hinkle's Family Fun....and we had so much fun. We first played 18 holes of miniature golf -- that was a hoot -- and then the kids and Missy rode the bumper boats. They REALLY had fun with that. When they got out -- they all were soaked. We then went to Sonic and took the kids home so that they could spent the night with Tina's brother and wife Matt and Alysia. We had a great time with the kids.

Austin ready to go to battle!!!
Go Ashley, go -- turn around and get them!!!
The battle ensues!!!
Get 'em!!!
Missy and Katie
Austin's really a tough competitor -- he's annihilating them!!After the battle AshleyAfter the battle KatieAfter the battle AustinAfter the battle Missy
Ain't they cute!!!
Couldn't resist the shot!!! Austin couldn't open his eyes because of the sun!!!
Having a fun day -- they're the best!!
Get it in Austin!!!

Katie trying hard!!
What a swing!!
Katie trying on her own.
Missy teaching Katie how to hold her club!!

Ashley readty to get a hole in one -- and she did it on one of the holes!!Pretty good shot Ashley!!