Saturday, August 15, 2009

AUSTIN'S BAPTISM -- August 15, 2009

The fam with Austin - his Grandma and Grandpa Taylor and his Papa and Nana Tucker and his mom and dad and sisters. We were all so proud of him on making this commitment. What a wonderful boy he is.
Daddy and Austin before the baptism. His Dad baptized him -- it was so awesome.
Austin by the font -- this picture was taken by Papa Tucker -- Christina's father.
Natalie -- what a cute little girl.Natalie and Grandpa.
Katie being Katie -- she is soo funny.
Ashley making fun of me and just being Ashley. She is sooo grown up. She is almost 10 here. Her birthday is Sept 29.

Austin -- looking so handsome in his suit.We went by the Nashville temple on the way to DC -- small but beautiful.

We were again able to go to Washington DC to be at Austin's baptism. We weren't planning on going -- but I just couldn't stand not to be there -- so we made a quick trip. The kids were excited to see us -- and we were definitely excited to see them and Lewis and Tina.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Katrina Maxwell Wedding Shower

Carol Bell and I hosted a wedding shower for Katrina Maxwell -- it was fun and Katrina got many wonderful things to start out her marriage. We had it on August 1. Katrina and Wes Hanchett got married on August 22, 2009.

The bride to be, Katrina Maxwell
The cupcakes -- the theme of the shower was "cupcakes" -- with Carol in the background. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of Carol, me or Jan with Katrina. What is wrong with us???
The spread of good food!!!
Katrina talking to her future mother in law.
Katrina being hugged by Wes's grandmother, Jan - mother of the bride --in the background in light purple.The hugs and congratulations

Congratulations Katrina -- isn't Linlea a sweet friend?