Saturday, August 15, 2009

AUSTIN'S BAPTISM -- August 15, 2009

The fam with Austin - his Grandma and Grandpa Taylor and his Papa and Nana Tucker and his mom and dad and sisters. We were all so proud of him on making this commitment. What a wonderful boy he is.
Daddy and Austin before the baptism. His Dad baptized him -- it was so awesome.
Austin by the font -- this picture was taken by Papa Tucker -- Christina's father.
Natalie -- what a cute little girl.Natalie and Grandpa.
Katie being Katie -- she is soo funny.
Ashley making fun of me and just being Ashley. She is sooo grown up. She is almost 10 here. Her birthday is Sept 29.

Austin -- looking so handsome in his suit.We went by the Nashville temple on the way to DC -- small but beautiful.

We were again able to go to Washington DC to be at Austin's baptism. We weren't planning on going -- but I just couldn't stand not to be there -- so we made a quick trip. The kids were excited to see us -- and we were definitely excited to see them and Lewis and Tina.

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