Sunday, August 29, 2010

Doug and Lydia become parents!!! Jaxon Douglas Taylor is born August 18, 2010

Jaxon was born at 11:30 PM on August 18, 2010. He weighed in at 5 lb 6.9 oz, 19 3/4 inches long. He was 6 weeks early!!! What a shock. But he is doing well and as of today (August 29) -- he is now in the regular nursery and we are just waiting for him to gain weight and eat better. We hope he gets to come home soon. He is soooo precious.

Jaxon -- how precious!!

Jaxon when his mom could finally hold him!!

Lydia went into the hospital at 6:30 AM, and had him at 11:30 PM. She was tired, but she only pushed 3 times!!!!!!! Amazing!!!! How exciting!!!

Baby Jaxon's "little box"

Isn't this the sweetest thing -- she finally got to hold him and love him!!! We all love you baby Jaxon.

What a proud Mom and what a sweet baby!!

His little tootsies!!! He has big feet for such a little baby!!

What a precious boy!! So small, so sweet, wow do we love him!!

Proud Daddy getting to feed him!!

Take that bottle and grow son!!

Doing good!!!

The proud parents!!! Doug, Lydia and Jaxon Taylor

The beautiful mom with her precious boy!!!

Update on the Chris Taylor Family

Reagann -- 9 months -- wanting to walk. (She's 11 months now -- I don't have a picture, but she is walking everywhere!) She's soo cute and soo smart (and I'm not prejudiced!)

Reagann with her great-grandma Ione Taylor (96 years old!)

Reagann, walking around the furniture. Isn't she the cutest thing? Love that girl!!

Ryan -- 2 3/4 years old --and what did you do now? Love that smile, love that boy!!! Too cute!!
Reagann -- love her smile -- it lights up her face. Like her cousin Natalie -- she has the best expressions!!! She was about 9 months old here.

Reagann, the best dressed baby in Albuquerque!!! And soo cute!! Love her smile soo much -- love her sooo much!!

Cheesy Ryan!!! He has funniest smiles and faces -- he is such a card!! He is definitely a Taylor!!! (even though Chris is his father, he is a Doug!!) -- so sweet.

Ryan -- loves his hats (just like his Uncle Doug) -- and he likes baseball too!!! He is my boy! He says that I am his boy too!!!

Daddy Chris on his birthday April 29. Kristen made cupcakes for his birthday and decorated them in a soccer motive since Chris is still a kid at heart playing soccer (and golf) whenever he can!!! (Ah.. he's only 32!) --not my kid!!! I'm not that old!!! and he's my #2!!!!

The cupcakes. Kristen is quite the cake decorator!!! She makes amazing things -- I'll post some of her cakes next!!!

Ryan getting a haircut -- please Mommy -- don't do it!!!

Okay -- here we go -- and it's not so bad. I'll just sit still and see what happens!!

Well -- it's almost over -- not too happy though!!

Okay -- here I am -- a little man now!!! And oh so handsome!!!

Little Reagann (we call her Reaggie) -- too cute!! Love those blue eyes!!

Reagann and her elephant!! I can stand!!! (with the help of the elephant!)

Its time for bed -- the two love each other so much!!

Reagann -- maybe 7 months old -- wish I could remember!!

Here I am thinking about crawling!!!

Hi Mom!!!

Spring Pictures before the move!!

Natalie and their little dog Jenny!

Natalie -- about 15 months old.

Katie -- 6 years old!

Austin -- 8 years old!

Ashley - 10 years old!

Time in Albuquerque after the move!!

Outside Amarillo on the way to Albuquerque -- seeing the old Cadillacs buried in the ground. Love this artistic picture that my daughter in law Tina took. She's quite the photographer.

Here we are in front of the old cars. A rich farmer bought a new Cadillac every year, and instead of trading them in -- each year he buried the cars. Eccentric, but interesting to look at!!

Natalie in Nana's new house (Christina's mother)

Isn't she cute??

I love this one of Katie. Great picture Tina!!

Lewis moves to Enid with Family!!!

We're here and we're moving in. Austin is such a big help!!

Our new house!!

The neighbors have such fun stuff!!

Car washing can be so invigorating in the heat!! And fun with Dad!

Austin and Lewis washing the car -- can't you get him back??

Katie -- 6 years old!! She is sooo beautiful and such a character!! She is a Taylor for sure with such a sense of humor!!! How I love her!!

Austin -- 9 years old -- growing up sooo fast!! He is so handsome and such a gentlemen!! When I was there last time, he helped me all the time, opened doors for me, took in our luggage -- such a good guy!! Love him so much!!

My firstborn grandkid -- Ashley almost 11 years old!!! It seems like yesterday when she was born. She is so grown up now -- not a kid anymore!! She loves to read -- everything!!! She is a special girl and I love her like crazy!!

Natalie helping Lewis wash motorcycle!!! What a big helper!
Natalie likes to ride this way when they go bike riding -- which is becoming a family habit!!

The bike setup!!

Lewis and his little girl Natalie! She is such a cutee!!!

Such a cutee! Natalie is 18 months. Love her facial expressions -- they are priceless!! And look at those eyes!!

Lewis being Lewis!! What can we say!!!

Austin got a new bike for his birthday!!! He was having to ride his sister's old bike before which was too little for him -- now he has his own BOY'S bike!!!

He loves it!!! Boy, does he look like his Papa Pat (his grandfather on his mother's side) in this one!!

Aren't you a little big for his new bike Lewis?

Katie caught this beautiful dragon fly in their yard -- and what a picture Tina!!! Amazing.