Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update on the Chris Taylor Family

Reagann -- 9 months -- wanting to walk. (She's 11 months now -- I don't have a picture, but she is walking everywhere!) She's soo cute and soo smart (and I'm not prejudiced!)

Reagann with her great-grandma Ione Taylor (96 years old!)

Reagann, walking around the furniture. Isn't she the cutest thing? Love that girl!!

Ryan -- 2 3/4 years old --and what did you do now? Love that smile, love that boy!!! Too cute!!
Reagann -- love her smile -- it lights up her face. Like her cousin Natalie -- she has the best expressions!!! She was about 9 months old here.

Reagann, the best dressed baby in Albuquerque!!! And soo cute!! Love her smile soo much -- love her sooo much!!

Cheesy Ryan!!! He has funniest smiles and faces -- he is such a card!! He is definitely a Taylor!!! (even though Chris is his father, he is a Doug!!) -- so sweet.

Ryan -- loves his hats (just like his Uncle Doug) -- and he likes baseball too!!! He is my boy! He says that I am his boy too!!!

Daddy Chris on his birthday April 29. Kristen made cupcakes for his birthday and decorated them in a soccer motive since Chris is still a kid at heart playing soccer (and golf) whenever he can!!! (Ah.. he's only 32!) --not my kid!!! I'm not that old!!! and he's my #2!!!!

The cupcakes. Kristen is quite the cake decorator!!! She makes amazing things -- I'll post some of her cakes next!!!

Ryan getting a haircut -- please Mommy -- don't do it!!!

Okay -- here we go -- and it's not so bad. I'll just sit still and see what happens!!

Well -- it's almost over -- not too happy though!!

Okay -- here I am -- a little man now!!! And oh so handsome!!!

Little Reagann (we call her Reaggie) -- too cute!! Love those blue eyes!!

Reagann and her elephant!! I can stand!!! (with the help of the elephant!)

Its time for bed -- the two love each other so much!!

Reagann -- maybe 7 months old -- wish I could remember!!

Here I am thinking about crawling!!!

Hi Mom!!!

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