Friday, June 12, 2009

The Intermission

After the wedding and the pictures, most of the family went to El Pinto for lunch. We all had the great lunch buffet and they made chile rellenos special for us. Everyone loved the place and the ambience (atmosphere!). Doug and Lydia went off and had lunch on their own and Chris, Kristen and Ryan were tooo sick for lunch. They had the stomach flu -- Kristen was sick the night before the wedding, Chris got sick in the night -- and both threw up all night before the wedding. They were troopers, however, and made it to the wedding, but both were still very sick.

What a beautiful place for a lunch. Great Mexican food and wonderful company!!Grandma waiting for everyone else to come back from getting more!!!

Duane, Bonnie, Connie, and Verl relaxing after lunchFawn -- she looks fantastic!!Missy -- what a cutee!!Mark and Robyn -- it was sooo great that they came!!Our adopted son Dion with Austin
Ashley and Ammon Cummings
The Cummings Family -- it was so awesome that they came!! We also adopted Heather!!

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