Friday, June 12, 2009

THE WEDDING!!!!! June 12, 2009

The Albuquerque Temple
Here they come!!! Love Doug's look!
Doug, Lydia, Evalee, Gary
The Taylor family: Melissa, Gary, Doug, Evalee, Lewis, ChrisLydia and her parents, Carlos and Elizabeth Elizondo
Group picture -- although this picture missed a few
Here's the other end -- Ryan, Melissa, Grandma Taylor, Susan Bailey, Tom Bailey, Robyn Bailey, Isaac Bailey, Mark Bailey, Fawn Taylor, Christina Taylor
Chris, Kristen, Ryan, Connie Taylor, Verl Taylor, Grandma Taylor, Tom Bailey, Susan Bailey
Gary, Evalee and Katie, Austin and Ashley
Grandma and her boys!!!
The Gary Taylor famiily
Grandma and Ashley

Doug and Chris
Grandma (Ione) Taylor, Melissa and Ashley
Mark and Isaac Bailey
Susan Bailey, Tom Bailey, Evalee Taylor, Gary Taylor
The Lewis Taylor family
The Duane Taylor family
The Duane Taylor girls and Christopher

Lewis and Christina TaylorChris and Kristen were soooo sick that day!!! Waiting for the pictures to end!!!

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