Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FAMILY PICTURES -- taken June 22, 2009

After Doug got married and we had all the family together, we had Pam Christison take our family pictures. She is such a great photographer. Kristen found her through a friend -- she is a member of our church and an up and coming photographer. We loved all the pictures -- these are just a few of the best.

The family -- Chris, Kristen and Ryan on the far left, Lewis, Christina, Natalie, Ashley, Austin and Katie on the mid left, Gary and Me in the middle, Missy next to me, Lydia and Doug on the right. Kristen was pregnant with little Reagann.

The Lewis Taylor family -- Lewis, Christina, Ashley (9), Austin (7), Katie (5), Natalie (2 1/2 months)

Chris, Kristen and Ryan -- wow, what a great looking family (and I'm not prejudiced)

The newlyweds, Doug and Lydia -- so cute and so happy

Beautiful Missy - she is so awesome.

The old parents: Gary and Evalee

The Gary Taylor kids: Lewis, Chris, Doug and Melissa

Aren't they good looking? Tina and Lewis Taylor

My grandkids: Ryan, Katie, Ashley holding Natalie, and Austin

Wow -- what a picture. This is 2 1/2 month old Natalie!!! Such a beauty!!!

Katie -- what a firecracker, what a personality -- what a sweetie. She just loves to tell jokes with Grandpa!!!

Ashley -- growing up too fast -- going into 5th grade!!!! She is my honey!!

The girls are going to go wild over Austin -- he's so handsome and so fun. A Great Kid!!! Love him so much.

Ryan -- talk about another firecracker. So much personality -- so fun. He is such a crack up. Love him so much. He's 1 3/4 here.

Another cute one of Ryan -- couldn't leave this picture out. I love how he says "cheese".

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