Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lydia's wedding shower

Lydia with the yummy food!!
The cupcakes and the "cake" bites -- cake rolls in chocolate
Emma Elizondo (Lydia's sister), Kathy Colovos (Kristen's mom) and 2 of Lydia's family friends
Lydia, her friend and Mae Hudson
Missy, Laura King and Lydia's friend
Rhonda and Marsha Lucas
Anna Allred, Alycia Tucker, Yolanda Tucker -- Tina (Lewis's wife) family

Kristen and I hosted a wedding shower for Lydia at Kristen's house. We had so much yummy food and great desserts (thanks to Kristen's cake decorating ability). We had breakfast casseroles, muffins, delicious fruit and of course, cupcakes filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate cake bites sitting in chocolate molded in a Reese's peanut butter cup mold and white chocolate on top. It was all so good and Lydia got lots of needed things. We had lots of help from out good friend and also cake decorator Kelli Monnheimer, who couldn't come to the shower. But, thanks Kelli for all the help and we missed you!!

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