Sunday, May 24, 2009

Washington DC in April

In late April, Gary and I were able to go to DC to visit Lewis, Tina and the kids. It was great because we got to see our new grandbaby, Natalie, born April 2, 2009. She is a beauty!!!! It was so fun to be able to hold her and get to know her. While there we were able to sight see also. We've been there many times, but never have really gone to sight see so it was fun. We also got to see Ashley and Austin play baseball right before we left. It was a great trip.

The Kids Baseball

We were able to go to the kids baseball games while in DC. My camera broke while we were on the tour of DC, so Pat Tucker (known as Papa to the kids -- Christina's dad) took these pictures. It was so fun to see them play. Ashley and Austin are great baseball players. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Katie play, but I hear she is awesome too.

Ashley is the catcher!!! So intense!! She does a great job too. Lewis was their coach and made sure that every kid played every position at one time or another. He was really good at rotating the kids so they all got equal time. He is such a good Dad.

Austin high tailing it to the next base. He has some of the same baseball talent that his Uncle Doug had.

Austin as catcher. He is also great at this position.

Katie and Natalie. Isn't this sweet?

Ashley up to bat. What a picture!!

We were leaving for the airport, but had to get a picture of us with the kids. I wish that we could have stayed longer. Christina took this picture -- thanks Tina.

Our DC Tour: (our camera broke, so we didn't get very many good pictures, unfortunately)

I just love the flag -- a symbol of our freedom. Don't ever let anyone take it away. I fear that in these days -- but know that Heavenly Father will protect us. We just need to get our country awakened -- to stop corruption, special interests, political correctness, and moral degradation of our society. We need to pray to our Heavenly Father to help us.

Gary in front of Union Station just before our double decker bus tour. It is the way to go -- it costs about $20 per person and takes you to all the sites. You can get off at any site and get back on when you are done. It sure beats walking everywhere!!!

The capitol -- Let's hope our legislators start listening to us!!!

The Flag flying at the National Archives where we saw the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta and other precious documents.

The Washington Monument.

The obligatory picture in front of the White House -- with Gary Taylor

and Evalee Taylor

The cherry blossoms were in bloom and wow, were they pretty.

Inscribed at the Lincoln Memorial -- wow is this something we need to remember!! Are we losing this right??

The cherry blossoms again.

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