Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Special Shapes Glow-deo!!! at the BALLOON FIESTA!!

The balloon fiesta runs the first 2 weekends in October and the week in between. There are several mass ascensions with at least 600+ balloons (usually more) and several glow-deo's (at night where the balloons are tethered and light up all at once many times -- it is so beautiful). The Special Shapes Glow-deo is my favorite because I love all the special shaped balloons -- I love all the balloons but the special shapes are all so exciting and different. The Special Shapes Glow-deo is held on Thursday night every year and Missy was lucky enough to come home. She flew in around 2:30 -- then we came here (you gotta be early to get a parking place and a place to put your chairs/blankets, etc.) The entire Balloon Fiesta is a carnival atmosphere. You can walk around all the balloons and watch them go from cool inflate, to hot inflate, to taking off. There is good food everywhere, vendors of all types and, in the evening, people walking around selling glow sticks, etc. My kids and I have done that many times as fundraisers for the various activities in the high schools, etc.
Unfortunately, Missy was taking most of the pictures, so she wasn't in them. Both Chris and I walked out of the house without our cameras!!!! Chris actually went home before we left to get his camera bag, but when he opened it at the Fiesta -- hmmm, no camera in it!!! Unbelievable. Luckily, Missy had hers.

Ryan enjoying the fruits of the fiesta -- loving the Cinnabun pieces!!!

Darth Vader made it. Darth was stuck in China and there was a fear that he wouldn't make it. He went to a festival in Mongolia and then China wouldn't let him go!!! But, with the help of the US government -- he finally got out and was raced to Albuquerque for the fiesta. He barely made it for this event -- we are surely glad he did. He wasn't the only one in China, though -- there were 13 others and most made it -- some were damaged, but for the most part, they were all here!!!

Our Albuquerque Creamland cow -- he is HUGE!!!! We were set up on chairs right next to him.

The Scarecrow -- isn't it cool???

Hmm -- the jolly green MONSTER????

Uncle Sam and .. the lady with the fruit on her head -- what was her name??? I hate Alzheimers!!! My friends have reminded me -- It's Carmen Miranda!!
Happy Frog and cute Pumpkin!!!

The cutest of all -- Chris and Ryan walking around and seeing the awesome sites.

Heating it up -- straightening up -- ready for the tether and the glow-deo.

Getting sundown and getting ready to tether up for the glow-deo. All the balloons tether and then, when it is dark, there is a countdown and all the balloons light up at the same time. What a site!!! It happens over and over for all to enjoy. It is a party atmosphere -- with people everywhere! Everyone is happy and enjoying themselves -- never any problems.

We're lighting up -- but it really isn't quite dark enough. Still spectacular.

Small world -- Anna (who is Christina's - Lewis's wife - sister) and Kathy Colovos. Anna was also Kristen's best friend in high school. We met up at the balloons -- it was a surprise -- neither knew the other was coming.
Kathy and baby Reagann -- Reagann could have cared less about the balloons!!!

I hate pictures of me -- but I thought I should put it in to show I was actually there!!!

Isn't it fun?
And soo beautiful and exciting. If you have never been -- you should come. It is worth the trip.

The Creamland cow all lit up!!!

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