Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ryan had a GREAT time at Grandma's house -- wait until you see!!!

After Reagann's blessing, Chris, Kristen, Doug and Lydia came over for lunch. After lunch, we had to take Missy to the airport -- WHAH!!! Anyway, while Kristen was nursing Reagann and Doug, Lydia, Gary and I were playing our favorite game of "trains" -- Ryan decided to explore my craft room. He found my brand new, expensive markers (Copic markers) and took the caps off of 3 or 4. He took the brown one into Doug's old bedroom and into the bathroom and had a great time decorating the bathroom and him!!!

Ryan's body art!!! He had a great time decorating himself and my bathroom!!!

I look great -- huh?

This is only a small part of what he did -- luckily we got most of it off -- it was on the toilet lid, the shower door, the furniture -- and Comet cleanser got all of that off. We just couldn't get it off the paint -- but that is easy to remedy -- we repaint those places. I just thought it was really funny -- and I hope he didn't get the wrong idea that it was OK.

Chris trying to clean the cabinet. He got most of it off.

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