Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reagann's Blessing at Church

In the Mormon church, Dad's holding the priesthood bless their newly born children. They give them a name to be known in the church and a blessing. Reagann was blessed that her family and Heavenly Father loves her, she will be blessed with a temple marriage and will have spiritual strength.

The Taylor Family -- after the blessing. They are such a beautiful family. I am such a happy Grandma.

Kristen and Reagann. Reagann wore Missy's dress when she was blessed 25 years ago -- that made it so special.

Reagann Bailey Taylor -- about 3 weeks.

Ryan --- say "cheese"
Lydia -- what a wonderful girl!!! We are so excited that she is part of our family!!

Missy came to town for the balloons and for Reagann's blessing. We were sooo glad that she was here.

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