Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lewis moves to Enid with Family!!!

We're here and we're moving in. Austin is such a big help!!

Our new house!!

The neighbors have such fun stuff!!

Car washing can be so invigorating in the heat!! And fun with Dad!

Austin and Lewis washing the car -- can't you get him back??

Katie -- 6 years old!! She is sooo beautiful and such a character!! She is a Taylor for sure with such a sense of humor!!! How I love her!!

Austin -- 9 years old -- growing up sooo fast!! He is so handsome and such a gentlemen!! When I was there last time, he helped me all the time, opened doors for me, took in our luggage -- such a good guy!! Love him so much!!

My firstborn grandkid -- Ashley almost 11 years old!!! It seems like yesterday when she was born. She is so grown up now -- not a kid anymore!! She loves to read -- everything!!! She is a special girl and I love her like crazy!!

Natalie helping Lewis wash motorcycle!!! What a big helper!
Natalie likes to ride this way when they go bike riding -- which is becoming a family habit!!

The bike setup!!

Lewis and his little girl Natalie! She is such a cutee!!!

Such a cutee! Natalie is 18 months. Love her facial expressions -- they are priceless!! And look at those eyes!!

Lewis being Lewis!! What can we say!!!

Austin got a new bike for his birthday!!! He was having to ride his sister's old bike before which was too little for him -- now he has his own BOY'S bike!!!

He loves it!!! Boy, does he look like his Papa Pat (his grandfather on his mother's side) in this one!!

Aren't you a little big for his new bike Lewis?

Katie caught this beautiful dragon fly in their yard -- and what a picture Tina!!! Amazing.

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Tina said...

FYI that is Ashley with the bug :)