Saturday, January 10, 2009

Family Pics

Thought would add some family pics.

The first picture is my son Lewis, his wife Christina, and their three children Ashley (9), Austin (7) and Katie (3). Girl number 4 is expected in April.

The next picture is my son Chris and his wife Kristen and their son Ryan. He was 14 months old at this picture.

Finally, this was a family picture taken before Ryan was born and before Lewis went to Iraq -- it was about 2 years old. From left to right, it is Kristen with Katie in her lap, Chris behind her, Doug at the top, Evalee in front of him, Melissa and Ashley on her lap, then Gary with Austin on his lap, and finally Lewis and Christina.



You're going to have to take a new family picture this summer! I love all the pictures.

Kristen Taylor said...

Holy cow you actually post stuff here?!?! :) I will have to check back again. Good lookin' family btw! :)